Stronger, faster

Well, in adding the weather stripping to Roomba-kun, I found that he may have some damage.  It doesn’t affect the overall performance, he vacuums fine.

It looks like a piece of plastic may have broken off of the inner part of the brush assembly.  I’ll have to take him apart and see if the part I need is available as salvage or as a refurbished part.  Thankfully there is a good Roomba tear-down guide.

Then, then I can rebuild him.



Although in all seriousness I probably should at least do the firmware upgrade and get a new battery, and replace what looks like the gearbox cover for the brush assembly.

And if I pull this off, I can say that I’ve repaired a robot.

One thought on “Stronger, faster

  1. Dan Oliver says:

    Be sure and give Roomba-kun a new outer shell. Say something like this:

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