A Long Walk

Just about any time I take a long walk in the city, I remember how much personal history I have here.

The long walk down Wisconsin Avenue back to Tenleytown, done more than a few times after a night out at Georgetown.  The sudden realization that sometimes, I’m not lost above ground downtown and know where I am.

Today I walked to Georgetown from Dupont Circle.  It’s not a long walk, just down New Hampshire to M, and Georgetown is a straight shot from there.  It’s an interesting walk, the dense city suddenly giving way to a bridge over Rock Creek park and then into the three story tall shops of Georgetown.  Everything gets more dense, more compact as soon as you get into Georgetown.

You start downtown, where a block contains one or two buildings with wide sidewalks, to walking a block with a dozen storefronts and sidewalks just barely wide enough for all the foot traffic.

As I walked, I remembered the late night burgers at Johnny Rockets, the weekend clothes shopping, and giggling at the Pleasure Place window but never going in.

When I reached Georgetown proper, I even recalled an interesting story about the intersection of M and Pennsylvania.  I’ll have to relay that story sometime.