Kind of doing and not doing the 365 photos this year.

What I am doing is picking a lens each month and sticking with it for the duration.  There may be an exception, for instance, if I have to do portrait photography, I will switch to the appropriate lens—but for walking around, I’m picking a prime and then sticking with it.

My reasoning behind this is that I hope to relearn exposure and composition by getting rid of the zoom phenomenon.  With a fixed focal length, I can focus on aperture, exposure, ISO settings, and the actual composition of the shot.  This way I hope to reinforce some good habits.

Double check the settings before I shoot.  Don’t be too far from the subject.  Composition before I take the shot.  Proper breathing when I hit the shutter.  It’s already a lot to think about, but at least focal length isn’t an issue to think about any more.  I know that with the 52mm, what I see is what I’m going to be able to get.  Next month, I’ll bump to 75mm and then the month after that, I’ll bring it down to 35mm.  Each month, I hope to learn more about the abilities and quirks of each focal length and take a look at the settings for each photo in the lighting conditions.  This way I can see what works and what doesn’t work.

I’ll try to shoot everyday and post the pictures that I’m most happy with and maybe some that I’m not.