Preorder Bonus Madness

Okay, I’m a fan of preorder bonuses as much as the next guy, but Cryptic studios has put together fifteen different preorder bonus packages for Star Trek Online.  This is only counting retailers in the United States.  Counting the international editions of the preorder bonuses, there are forty.  Forty different preorder bonuses.

I’m not saying that they shouldn’t offer preorder bonuses.  That’s fine for the people who want to put down their money.

The weird thing is that there is a huge discrepancy with some of the content.  Some retailers get in game pets, like a Targ or a Tribble.  Other retailers get things like Borg Bridge Officers or Chromodynamic armor that offer in game bonuses to your statistics.  It’s like you can put money down to get an inherent advantage in the early game.  In my experience though, these early advantages all even out and end up being not so great once you get to the real equipment in later levels, so it’s not a big draw for me.

Although, the exclusive “KHAAAAAAAN!” emote is somewhat tempting.