Are made of this

Over the last few months I’ve written down some of my dreams that flutter from behind my eyelids.  Here are a few:

  • Matrix “Burly Brawl” style fight where I take on dozens and dozens of balloon people.
  • High school anti drug church function featuring skateboarding and a Silent Hill themed bathroom.
  • Very fast party boat that turned into an inflatable mattress that dropped me off at a swanky lake house.
  • Drawing artwork on a whiteboard.
  • Getting caught stealing from a coke machine, but Dwight from the Office was blamed immediately, even though my arm was stuck in the machine.  Doubly funny because I’ve never watched The Office.
  • Sparring with someone and watching them die of exhaustion.
  • I was buying photography equipment.  Oh, wait.
  • I was so fantastically wealthy I was tipping people with large carat diamonds.
  • Work relocated all of us to a disused prison and our cubicles were in cells.  Still trying to figure that one out.
  • Rescuing someone from a pelican, in between eating chicken tenders, while wearing no pants.