Camera Project(s)

I’ve been doing the 365 project on Flickr, although it’s been more of a take photos every day and post the ones I like.  So far, I think that I’ve gotten used to the idea of carrying the camera around everywhere and seeing things differently.  Which is a good thing.  Opportunities are numerous, but I have to leave my apartment in order to see them.  I think I’m about ready to transition over to the 18-55mm to have a few more options while shooting.

I like the way that they days are transitioning.  How the great white swatches of snow have become these grey monstrosities on the sides of roads.  I like to think that in the future, you’ll be able to recreate the entire Washington DC landscape just from the pictures people took during the Blizzard of 2010.

I have also purchased some light stands for my strobes.  I’ll need them eventually for some of the portrait work that I want to start doing.  I’m working more with flash and manual settings.  Trying out different styles of lighting to see what works and what doesn’t.  The camera has glitched once during this period, which resulted in two glitch photos and about three irrecoverable files that just didn’t write correctly.  I’ll have to pick up another card to see if it is really card related, but it seems to have happened on both of the cards that I swap every other day.