I am reeling from the second half of my cheesesteak sandwich from Chutzpah deli, a large hero sandwich with slices of beef, melted american cheese, green peppers, banana peppers and onions.  It is delicious, and it is also slathered in ketchup which is apparently a Bronx thing.  Earlier in the day, I contemplated ordering a matzo brei and possibly eating it with ketchup.  Josh pointed out that’s a very typical way of eating it for anyone who grew up in the Bronx.

Seeing as how I grew up in Chula Vista, I think that’s great.  One condiment to rule them all, and in the stomach bind them.

I ate the first half, hot and also slathered with ketchup earlier in the day.  Accompanying it was a chocolate egg cream.  Accompanying that was Josh and Lori explaining anything on the menu that I had questions about.

And all of that together, really hit the spot.  After the blizzard kept us in our homes, a day of socializing with food was more than welcome.

Maybe we were all hungry after the long trip to Fairfax, but I don’t doubt that the food was delicious.  The egg cream was rich and chocolaty, and didn’t last very long.  It was made in the traditional manner with Fox’s U-bet Chocolate syrup.  It had a really amazing head of frothed milk that I’ve never been able to replicate at home.

Next time, I’m ordering a matzo brei, maybe some kasha varnishka.  Probably not celery soda though.

Awkward moment of the meal:  I notice a pirate flag when we enter, and I joke that maybe it’s pirate day.  Two seconds later, Lori points out that one of the servers may be wearing an eyepatch for medical reasons.  Oops.

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