How old?

How much of my technical knowledge has actually deprecated?

In no particular order:

  • I know how to start up a computer with a magnetically coded piece of plastic sandwiched between two other layers of plastic, or between two spools.
  • 64k was enough memory and man, would it have been sweet to upgrade to 128k.  Lowercase “k.”
  • Man, this mouse thing is a great peripheral.
  • 16 scales of gray really made a difference.
  • Dialing up.
  • I was writing things like this in notebooks.  Paper ones.
  • I took a touch typing class, on a typewriter.
  • Developed film and made prints in a lab.
  • I cut articles of paper with scissors and then pasted them onto a board to send to the printer.
  • This Gopher thing is great!
  • I thought I had enough storage.
  • was a valid resource for Darkstalkers: The Night Warriors.
  • I could play a video game, without buying it for $60.
  • I’ve watched the rise and fall of about four different kinds of magnetic storage media.
  • There were different types of recordable CDs.  Also, there were CDs.
  • When I wanted to know how one of my friends was doing, I would give them a call and hope they were at home.
  • I printed out letters on a dot matrix printer in order to fax them to friends.
  • Mosaic
  • I thought I had enough RAM.
  • I had a list of IP addresses memorized in case DNS wasn’t working for the internet.

Euh.  The list goes on.  But this is just an off the top of my head thing.