Special circumstances

The blizzard has certainly affected things I didn’t think it would affect.  One of the things it has affected has been my shooting schedule.  I initially wanted to stick to the 50mm lens, but with all of the snow, I feel like everything I can’t capture the total profundity of the situation without placing it in context.

Thus, all the wide shots.  And it is slightly overwhelming to think of all the other ways it is affecting my life.

I took a cab back in to the city today and it was insane.  I think I saw plowed snow taller than most people I know.  And some even taller than the tallest people I know.  The worst part about the snow banks are the fact that they typically are the highest at the intersections, right were pedestrians need to cross the street.

They are there, and don’t seem to be going anywhere until Spring comes and it all thaws out to cause flooding somewhere.  I’m not looking forward to that.

Grocery stores still are not fully stocked, which is going to be a problem as I’m running out of food to make.

As I got home, I saw people still digging out their cars.  The problem is, they are running out of places to put snow.

And now comes Monday’s weather report with more snow in the forecast.