The 75mm

This month is a new lens.  I’m shooting with the 50mm f/1.8, which is functionally a 75mm equivalent with the 1.5x multiplier for the DX format for Nikon cameras.  I’ve found it to be a different experience than my 52mm equivalent lens.  It’s the field of view.

With the 75mm, what I’m capturing is a lot smaller.  I know exactly how much of what I can see is going to be recorded to the sensor.  In this case, if I extend my arms directly in front of my shoulders and make a frame with my thumb and forefinger on each hand, that’s how much the D70 is going to capture.

It’s kind of amusing.  All this time I thought people were just being pretentious when they did that.  Now I know they were just seeing how much they could get with an 80mm lens.