Daily Archives: March 15, 2010

God o' wha?

I’ve avoided playing the PS3 demo for God of War thus far mainly through strength of will.

No, actually it’s because I pretty much know what I’m getting into, having played the previous two.  I’m not really the target audience that the demo is required reading for.  I mean, it’s a God of war game.

I assume that there will be Kratos, and some blades attached to his body with chains.  There will be the collecting of red and blue orbs and the mashing of the buttons as Kratos kills the entire population of Ancient Greece.  There will be some ultra violent minigames as he continues to kill more people and creatures in a Greek mythos based storyline of some sort, complete with a sexy minigame at some point that cuts away because it’s M rated.  Then it’s going to escalate into a boss battle that doesn’t really resemble any other part of the game.

The only surprise left for me is how good it is going to look.

If they surprise me in any other way, then awesome.  Otherwise, I’m hoping for a very competent, entertaining God of War game.