On portable computing

I’ve entertained the thought of a netbook or some sort of tablet device for a while now. Mainly, it would be something that I could use while at another computer, or in front of the television.

I’ve not spent a lot of time with a netbook, but I do like the small size and portability. Weight and form factors are my primary considerations. What I would like to do is browse the social sites from the safety and comfort of my chair and a half, or while cooking, look up recipes for bulgogi marinade instead of running back and forth between the kitchen and the 15″ MacBook on the dining table.

I’ve used Microsoft OneNote with a tablet and Windows 7, and while it was great for capturing my handwritten notes, I felt that purchasing the hardware and software would be cost prohibitive. This is a device that is meant to complement my traditional browsing and set it free from the traditional, “sitting at a desk” model, not be a primary content production device.

If I sit down to write, I prefer to be in front of a full size monitor and keyboard. Or on my Alphasmart NEO.

The iPad is right out, even though I am an OS X fan. An Android tablet, however, if priced right, could sway me that direction. The longer I wait, the better my options get, so choosing to do nothing may be the correct course of action. Or the correct course of inaction.


Of course, if I ever get a tablet device, I’m going to have to get a PADD (Personal Access Display Device) skin for it immediately so I can live in the Star Trek Future.