Somewhere an AI Analyst weeps

I’m going to analyze my Spotify Playlist that an Artificial Intelligence made for me. This is over the past year so buckle up.

I had some quick observations but then one long form analysis so enjoy.

  • Lots of what can be described as High Energy Dance
  • Slightly concerned about the party like it’s the last night of our lives theme
  • Yes Far East Movement Still exists
  • K/DA had five releases this year
  • Have you spoken to your child about doing your Homework While Listening to Lo-Fi Chill Hip Hop
  • I got that summertime sadness, but I found love in a hopeless place just staying alive one more time.

One More TimeDaft Punk

This song just seems like a strangely appropriate anthem for the year. The song starts with a lo-fi sample that seems stuck in time. Did someone hit the jukebox and the song started over? What day is it? Are we at a party? Where am I?

The sample sounds like a cd skip in rhythm. Each time it starts over, the song is slowly added to. This time the sample gets upgraded. Now there’s a vocalist and different filters. Each iterative loop starts with the same sample, but adds something else.

The song ends simply by fading out, but still lingers. It’s ongoing, maybe it’s moved on somewhere else but it’s still going.

And of course the Title and oft repeated lyric, “One More Time.”