Why Computers?

The code font that is used by the code block is nostalgic for me. It is the font of the Apple ][e, the later, the no name brand computer that ran MS-DOC on the IBM PC platform.

The font brings me back to nights and days of spinning magnetized plastic platters. In return for learning how to perform the right rituals, video games spat out. And why not go all in to this hobby? Outside?

Outside was why there were bars on the windows, and why my life was Home and School and the Car Rides In Between.

These fonts were the keys to stories of space pilots stopping intergalactic wars, of smuggling contraband in your customized shuttle, of kleptomaniacs somehow picking up everything and becoming heroes, of secret agents overcoming supervillains, of a band of travelers hired to kill a mad god. From here my love of books dovetailed with this new hobby and I never went Outside until I had to.

// That ][e was the last apple product my family could afford. Period. Man my parents nailed it about computers being the future.