And Tonight's Lucky Winner Is. . .

Whoever bet on my getting to bed before four in the morning. I know there was at least one of you.

Today’s agenda:

Army Surplus Store. Picked up a black BDU top as a jacket. Looks pretty good. Then Dave and Busters–for dinner only, I swear! Finally, a free Resident Evil screaming. (rimshot) Move over Mortal Kombat, there’s a new king of the video game to movie franchises. Seriously, though. An excellent conversion of the videogame with the horrible voice acting. Although the writing isn’t the best, it comes across as a fairly decent film. Finally (again), I exercise my culinary skills by making the midnight snack for the folks down here.

“What kind of experiments did they do here?”
“The illegal kind.” (laughs from the audience.)

I hope that in the future, more movies will come from decent franchises. I’d like to see a good Zelda movie. Something based on the N64 Zeldas would be great.

Discovery of the Day: Well Prepared Tea + Baileys = Delicious!