Who's the Slowest of the Seven?

First day of my two week break that I’ve given myself. Yes, the post time is early. None of my housemates are awake yet. I’ve already had breakfast. My belief is, what’s the point of doing nothing if you’re not conscious to savor the inactivity?

Not surprisingly, that Flash animation of the Dr. Wily Show! has exceeded it’s bandwidth. Shame. But it’s incredible how viral information is. Last night, I was laughing my ass off about Iceman’s comments on Dr. Wily.

“He. . . Hits me. . . A lot.”

I know it’s not supposed to be funny, but it is. It’s up there with Penny Arcade’s similar, domestic violence oriented,

“Baby–why you always make me gotta hit you?”

And with that, I do believe I’ll start by making my bed and cleaning up the room. I can’t see sixty percent of the floor. Unacceptable. It’s not really sloth, I know.