Daily Archives: April 10, 2002

Well. . . Damn.

Hey, that card just spawned XP native drivers.

*blink* *checks ass* “Whew!”

Things I Do Need Right Now

Drum roll please, and in no particular order.

  • To win the lottery.
  • For this wireless network card to miraculously spawn XP native drivers.
  • | that missing thing that I haven’t figured out yet, but I know I’m unhappy without. |
  • Respect.
  • Trust.

Likelihood of my getting any of these things is best summed up by this statement:
“And maybe if my butt were bigger, it wouldn’t hurt so much when all the pigs with wings fly out of it.”

I really don’t want to use words as weapons. I think it’s bad form. Nisa pointed this out on her site. But then again, this is the whole blogging phenomenon. For some, it’s the only outlet. I’m not asking for forgiveness, nor am I attempting to explain away an action. I just need to vent.