Daily Archives: April 14, 2002

Ahh. . . Hospitals.

So Krasota’s in the hospital, and she’s the one making sure that I have something to eat. I love this woman. They’ve found some stuff that may actually explain her immune problems, which is good. Thankfully, there is finally something that the doctors will pay attention to. No, it’s not all in your head. Good to see everyone again, although, wasn’t I just here last month?

Exploding Cat’s been handling everything just as well. He doesn’t like hospitals, and I don’t blame him. Thankfully, Krassie’s okay and that, truly is the important part.

Best. . . Scene. . . Ever. . .

Has to be when Han Solo and Princess Leia are in the hallway in the Millenium Falcon. She’s working on a stubborn part. He comes behind her and she reacts as if he’s hitting on her. Which he is. Then there’s a good bit of dialogue about scoundrels, dirty hands, nice men, and then a kiss. Oh man. Yeah. That’s smooth, right there.