Pop Culture Education

Last night, I watched the Video Music Awards on MTV over at Katrina’s. I learned several things.

  • Everyone pimps themselves
  • Britney’s career is over
  • I like Eminem to the point of self parody–but not when he takes himself seriously
  • Christina Aguilera needs a fashion advisor
  • Michael Jackson looks like a freak–but now that he’s added some weight, he looks like a pudgy, middle aged freak
  • Moby is just way too cool for mtv
  • MTV should be called Pepsi Television
  • I knew a lot more pop music than I had realized–not bad for a guy that never listens to the radio
  • It is going to be a sad, sad day in my life when I turn on an Oldies station and hear “The Humpty Dance”
  • Over the years, the “Axel Rose” has lost some of its energy and vigor

Overall, it was an educational experience. One I wouldn’t mind repeating.

Next year.

I do have to keep up with what those crazy kids are listening to, after all.