Daily Archives: March 31, 2003

File under, "true"

So, there were four of us in the toy store the other day, being mildly disruptive. After we got back, I had the following conversation:

PraxisLoki: That girl working at the toy store was cute!
Yuriko Kinje: Which one? There were two.
PraxisLoki: The one that found us amusing.
Yuriko Kinje: They both found us amusing.
PraxisLoki: Oh right–the one with short hair then.
Yuriko Kinje: They both had short hair.
PraxisLoki: Hrm.
Yuriko Kinje: The one with one arm or two arms?
PraxisLoki: Oh, the one with two arms. The one armed one, though, she was pretty cute, too.

Awkward silence

Yuriko Kinje & PraxisLoki: Yeah.

I believe that this is the first time in my life where “number of arms” has been the descriptive tie breaker.