Daily Archives: March 19, 2003

How I cope

I’ve recently received some delicious K-pop. The CD in question is BoA, and she’s arguably the Britney of the Far East. Standard pop, but since I can’t understand a word she’s saying, it’s so much better.

The only con so far is that it’s a “copy control” CD. Had a “do not copy” logo and everything. I am currently in the process of defeating the copy control protection Sony saw fit to place on it. When you want to play it on your computer, it actually wants to install its own player.

Oh, hell no.

Good old reliable analog rip. Not as fast, but just as effective at pirating music as it was back when I was a youngster. I remember when the boombox with two tapedecks was hot shit. Regardless, there’s no way I’m carrying this CD around.

Too big.

Also, thinking about being übergeeky and purchasing a scott evest. Anybody want to talk me out of it?


Aw crap.

I didn't realize terror was so. . . citrusy!

Orange-Plus Alert?! Or is that “Orange+?”

I know that they’ve been thinking about adding another color to the terror threat level codes. I can only extrapolate that they are doing this in order to further befuddle the American Public.

Either that, or somebody’s getting a serious kickback from Crayola.

In a bizarre twist of life imitating art, The Onion actually managed to beat this one to the punch. I was searching through the archives, found nothing, but did manage to find this snippet from the article (“Orange Alert Sirens To Blow 24 Hours A Day In Major Cities”) from another blogger:

“The newly added levels are Orange-Red Alert, Red-Orange Alert, Maroon Alert, Burnt Sienna Alert, and Ochre Alert,” Ridge said. “They indicate, in ascending order of fear: concern, deep dread, severe apprehension, near-crippling fright, and pants-shitting terror. Please make a note of this.”

Regardless of what color they decide to add, I’m probably going to ignore it, and keep my ear to the radio.

All this, and I still have helicopters doing low flybys over my office. Nothing like the soothing whump whump whump accompanied by the shuddering of the ceiling to make me feel productive.