Crisis of conscience

I didn’t know what to do.

I cradled the Collector’s Edition of Burning Crusade in my lap. I looked at the green box, printed to resemble an aging tome, a green tinted money making monstrosity. What I held in my hands was more than just a mere expansion pack, it was the reason I was never going to see a Diablo III or a StarCraft 2.

Why would anyone spend money to create a game that might only sell a few million copies when they already had ten million people paying fifteen dollars a month to play an existing game?

The company that was behind this was Vivendi Universal, not Blizzard. And I bought the expansion pack, despite quitting nearly a year ago.

I did intend to start playing again. I mean, it’s not a bad game.

Well, it’s a good game.

I just hate all the people there.