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Technolust: Personal Edition

I really want the Nokia E71.

Qwerty keyboard, wifi, gps, fm radio, micros SD slot, s60, I mean, what’s not to like?

Wired really liked it.  I just really like the form factor.  That, and I like having a keyboard.  It may be because I am of the educational institution that has been aged.

Like a fine wine.

It goes back to my old er, government job, we had Motorola Talkabout pagers.  We were expected to be able to respond anywhere we were, so we were assigned two way pagers.  Which was great.  Tiny keyboard, lcd backlit screen, very simple communication devices.  I feel like there is something pure about the text message, the way that you have to distill your communication into a character limit.

So, I guess I’ve been practicing for Twitter all this time.  But, back to the E71.

I am really into this phone.  There is wifi, which will allow me to check email, check twitter, possibly make posts, and upload pictures.  Although the E series camera is nowhere near as good as the N series phones from Nokia, I’m willing to make sacrifices for increased utility.  Besides, I carry a camera.

I’m so into this phone that I’ve even downloaded the iSync plugin for it.  I’ve also read the manual.  Additionally, I’ve bugged the AT&T store in Friendship Heights repeatedly about the phone.

They answer,  “We are never going to get it.”

Boy Genius Reports says, “Then what is this AT&T User Manual for the Nokia E71 guide doing on Nokia’s website?”

Problem is, it’s pricey, and I can’t justify that much for an item which will, ultimately, be just a phone.  No matter how awesome it is.

On the other hand, it’s beautiful.  I mean, LOOK AT IT.

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