Daily Archives: January 22, 2009

Late to the party


I only really started watching and listening to Hulu and Pandora recently.  I think I got burned out during the early years when nothing was really working and they hadn’t figured out the whole “who is going to pay for this” part of the serving media equation.

I’m glad, that at least in Hulu’s case, that they’ve got it worked out.

And I don’t even mind the commercials, that’s saying a lot.  I just watched a couple episodes of “Legend of the Seeker” which is based on the Sword of Truth series from Terry Goodkind.  While I can’t recommend it wholeheartedly, it has some good moments.  Not sure if I’ll continue watching,  but at least, it’s free, available, and accessible.

I don’t have to worry about carrying that media with me on an external hard drive, and I can watch it whenever I want, on my schedule.  The latter is something I demand of my media, being able to watch at leisure, instead of being locked to a broadcast schedule.

I think that was my main issue with broadcast television.  Now that that’s over and done with, go ahead and play commercials every now and again.  No, really, it’s cool.

I’ll be sitting right here paying rapt attention to whatever it is you’re trying to sell me.

Yep.  Definitely not doing anything in another tab and just listening for when the show starts again.

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