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Kindle ing

I really like the idea behind the Amazon Kindle, I really do.

I’m ready for something I can take with me and just read what I want, when I want.  It seems to have a great screen, and its main selling point, books on demand, is something that I never really thought I would want until I thought about it.  Digital bookmarks and annotation sound great, too.

Way to create a demand I didn’t even know I wanted.

Wikipedia access for free is great as well, I can see that being a great time waster if you’re stuck at an airport.  Now that Kindle 2.0 is a near certainty, I’m actually thinking about purchasing one.  I figure that second generation is a good time to think about jumping on board. Especially with the rumored price drop, and thinner, lighter form factor.  I’m also reading something about a student version with a larger screen, so that’s interesting as well.  Provided that Amazon can get every textbook out there to cooperate, I could see that being a serious contender.  Having graduated eons ago, I seem to recall that lugging books was not my favorite thing about college.

This, will just be rolled into my inevitable waxing poetic over the days of having to carry books.  Also, growing up before, “the internet.”

Also a factor are the new aesthetics for the Kindle.  Granted, I have never held the current model in my hand, so I don’t know how ergonomic it is, but it just looks too sharp.  As if it was designed for some jagged, crystalline alien race.  I’m hoping that 2.0 is something designed for meatbag hands.

My other concern is well, buying into a proprietary format.  Of course, that didn’t stop me from buying content from the iTunes music store.

I guess ultimately I’m paying for convenience.

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