Year 26

Interesting year, my twenty sixth year. Here’s a quick breakdown of everything that has occurred since becoming twenty-six.

Day 1: Shot firearms for the first time. Found an uncanny knack for target shooting. I may go again. I’ll be posting up my targets later.

Day 2: Saw a sneak preview of Kiss of the Dragon, and was introduced to the owner of a new Malaysian restaurant in Bethesda, MD. Will return. Maybe I’ll have a party there, the food was quite excellent, actually.

Day 3: Saw A.I. Witnessed an interesting fender bender in Georgetown involving a guy named “Bob” not watching where he was going because he was too busy checking out ass.

Day 4: Went to Karaoke in a “gay friendly” club in Alexandria. Found that I really, really need to practice the songs that I want to sing on stage. Good atmosphere, very non threatening, although the karaoke on stage appears to be run by regulars. It’s a good hangout, though. Although “gay friendly” apparently means six, large rainbow flags prominently displayed in the front of the bar, and interior design inspired by the Malibu Barbie Beach House. Oh, and gay people.

Day 5: After crashing at Enrico’s house, I figured I’d get some laundry done.


A man’s gotta get laundry done.

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