Daily Archives: June 26, 2003

Hey, that was a surprise

Filipino food at the office for my birthday!

The boardroom at work was the absolutely last place I expected that much food. And it was great!

Gads, they truly are ahead of us.

Kirin introduces self cooling kegs. Granted the technology behind them is actually German, but hey–it’s all about practical application.


So far, I’d like to say thank you to

  • Julie
    Julie pulls ahead of the pack with a surprise midnight hug as I groggily assent and ask her, “What are you doing here?”
  • Dad
    A morning phone call wakes me up and assures my early arrival at work.
  • Rick
    SMS as I’m packing my bag. Rick gets a special effort award, because he sent a text message yesterday.
  • Jason
    Housemate crawls out of bed, wishes me happy birthday.
  • Homer
    Who manages to call me old man. Because I’m two months older, I guess he’s right.
  • Lisa
    The power of IM enables Lisa to wish me a happy birthday, even though she’s normally not awake this early in the day.
  • Coworkers
    Greeted me downstairs after I went down to get a spoon for my yogurt. I now have a tea set for five, which is very cool. I find it amusing and somewhat puzzling that I’ve gotten a tea set for my birthday now for the last couple of years. I guess I’ll have to throw a tea party at my house.
  • Mom
    Phone call before she pops in to work, which makes it around 7 in the morning over there. I guess getting up early is genetic.
  • Loren
    Ah, so that’s your IM name.

It’s early yet. Further news as events warrant. Maybe even pictures.

Kinda early, aren't you?

So, I’m not really sure if I dreamt this or not, but I believe that Julie was standing over me around midnight this morning and then woke me up to wish me happy birthday. I guess she wanted to be first.