Daily Archives: June 27, 2003

As much as I can recall

Yesterday’s festivities started about as well as I could have hoped. Penang was great, the food was served at all the same time, and hot! I remember drinking 4 mango margaritas, and a fruity drink that they gave me for my birthday. They even played happy birthday over the loudspeakers in the restaurant and gave me shaved ice for dessert with two small candles. I was surrounded by people whose company I treasure greatly. I saw people that I haven’t seen in a while, people I see on almost a daily basis, and people I never met before. I had the lamb, which was really good.

Overall, dinner was a fantastic time.

Then in a move that will be discussed by historians everywhere as a decision that was just as good if not better–than Hitler deciding to invade Russia, I decreed that we go to Dave & Busters to continue the festivities. I remember the first part of the night pretty well. We got there, we knew that Patron was $4, and there were two shots taken.

Then Julie started grabbing girls for me to do body shots off of. There are pictures floating around the internet somewhere, fortunately for me. I had a total of four. Two were on girls I knew. One was on a girl that I met that day, and the other was a girl who was just watching and happened to be there. I recall her being somewhat hesitant at first, then all of her male friends goaded her into it and readied their cameras. She had a bellybutton ring that Julie had to move out of the way, because it was all dangly.

I recall the following conversation between me, Julie, and another girl who was watching.

Julie: C’mon, it’s his birthday!
Girl: I would, but I just got pierced and it’s still sore

Girl stops to look at me. We share a quick rush of recognition.

Girl: I fucking know you! I swear!

Strangely enough, girl actually does look familiar, and not just drunk familiar. I’m trying to place her now.

Me: Holy shit, you’re right? From where, though?
Girl: Are you Laos?
Me: No, Filipino.
Julie: C’mon! It’s his birthday!

After that, the night gets a little unsteady. I recall not so much events as feelings. I remember walking towards the restroom with Dan, and how dizzy I was. Then I remember sitting down near the pool tables, and I couldn’t even see. Then suddenly, it’s cold tiles and the handicapped stall. Then it’s steve’s car with plastic bags in front of me. And then, suddenly, my room where my roommate’s making sure that I have clean wastebasket.

Just. In. Case.

Oh, and just for public record.

“I’m never doing that ever again. I mean that this time.”

Best boss ever, btw

As it’s common knowledge that I am surrounded by great friends, but I’m also pretty lucky to be working with some great people.

Me: Hi, uh, it’s me.
Boss: Oh! The birthday boy!”
Me: Yes. . . Well, you see, I horribly underestimated the power of 50 people in the same restaurant, and uh, things got a little out of hand.”
Boss: Too much boom boom?”
Me: You could say that.”


Me: So, I was wondering if you guys really needed me today.
Boss: I have to tell you. I was thinking about you this morning. About how yesterday I really should have told you to take today off.

Boss: Take today off.

Wow. Is she great, or is she great? And not just because she gave me the day off, either.

Not like I'm not trying

And now, in some bizarre twist. I can’t go back to sleep at all, so I might as well go to work. stay home and get some rest.

No really

For a moment there, I thought I was going to die.

At least I would have left this earth happy, surrounded by friends.

Those of you that are wondering

Have I mentioned that I love / hate my internal clock?

Yes, I’m still alive.

No, I’ll never do it again.

Yes, I’m probably going to work on time. Oh man–fsck that.

No, I’m probably not drinking tonight.

Details: Fuzzy, but I do recall doing body shots off of several young women last night. And then there was me leaning over at the pool tables. Photos to come, but hopefully not of me in the bathrooms at the Dave & Busters.