I saw the Episode III film to comic book translation in Borders the other day. I read it all in about half an hour.

This was the most efficient manner in which to steal money from George Lucas and a large soulless corporation at the same time. It was also the most efficient manner in which to complete my understanding of the Star Wars movies without actually having to watch Episode III.

You see, after Episodes I and II, I’m not really looking forward to III.

Oh, and before I continue:

One word, which I will choose carefully so as to remain spoiler free: Midichlorians

I know that Episode III has potential to be the good one. The dark one, where important people die and others are reborn. It’s supposed to be tragic, the bridge to Episode IV, A New Hope. I’m not too concerned about spoiling myself about what’s going to happen. I already know the main points.

Lots of Jedi will die. Our angsty Anakin will become Lord Vader. Chancellor Palpatine will be revealed as the Dark Lord of the Sith and rise to become Emperor.

As far as the comic goes, it was an interesting read, some good plot development that answers a few questions from the first two episodes. It does, however, contain only one instance of the aforementioned, “M” word.

One thing though, the action scenes are very brief in the comic. Seemed like they only lasted for six panels at a time. I’m fairly certain that they did this on purpose so that you would have to pay money at a movie theater to see, “the good stuff.”

I’ll watch it at some point, but it’s not going to be high on my list. Besides, I’ll be in Vegas.