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Gillet’s Five Bladed Razor of Smoothness

They called Gillet mad when he proposed this design to the Dwarven Razorsmiths of Azerica. (“Why would a dwarf shave?”) Undaunted by the laughter of his peers, Gillette went on a quest to find the lightest, rarest, strongest materials worthy of his project. A shaving implement of unimaginable power.

And smoothness!

Five years later, the blades were forged in the fiery depths of Mt. Groom, tempered in the creamy oil pits of the B’rill highlands. Gillet collapsed from the colossal effort. His eyes never set upon his final creation. Imagined lost to the ages, Gillet’s Five Bladed Razor of Smoothness has the following properties.

Gillet’s Five Bladed Razor of Smoothness is a shaving implement. Upon use, it casts a +1 Charisma Charm (duration: one day) on the user. Use the Razor requires a successful roll of average difficulty. Dexterity bonus applies. Purchasing the Razor gives a penalty of -2 to Intelligence and Wisdom. This penalty lasts until the user discards the Razor from his inventory.