Never realized

I never realized just how many basic kitchen items I don’t have. I’ve been cooking a bit more lately, mainly to save some money and try to eat a little healthier. So far the big successes have been oven roasting chicken thighs, and using the crockpot to cook chicken adobo.

Now I’m starting to venture into the land of actual meals, instead of individual dishes with rice. I’m in the midst of preparing dinner at a friend’s house when I realize I do not own a steamer, nor a pair of tongs.

Both items, which, in retrospect, would have come in handy (and saved myself some “interesting” moments) more than a few times when cooking dinner.

One thought on “Never realized

  1. jocelyn says:

    Would you share your chicken adobo recipe with the exploding feline? I think that would be excellent for him, provided all the ingredients are soy-free and wheat-free.

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