Daily Archives: August 25, 2006

Thinking of a redesign

Just thinking.

I think about a redesign at least twice a year before not doing anything. I may migrate the blog over to a subdomain, and make this site something to do with lots of monkeys. I’m not sure.

Anything can happen.

"dawg?" or "dogg?" I'm so confused

I’m fairly certain that my 5th grade english teacher, Mrs. Nordlie, is going to have a fit.

Yuriko : Lunch?

Praxis : A little early. I’m going to convocation this year.
That’s at 11.
Kind of need to represent.

Yuriko : no worries

Praxis : Word.
I be up in that amphitheatre for reals, dog.

Yuriko : ~sigh~

Praxis : With all the fly honeys.
. . .
Does this hurt you as much as it does me?

Yuriko : More

Occasionally one does feel the need to be “down” with one’s “peeps.” This need can be very overwhelming, and in some extreme cases, override grammarian programming.

I ask for your forgiveness during these periods of weakness.