"dawg?" or "dogg?" I'm so confused

I’m fairly certain that my 5th grade english teacher, Mrs. Nordlie, is going to have a fit.

Yuriko : Lunch?

Praxis : A little early. I’m going to convocation this year.
That’s at 11.
Kind of need to represent.

Yuriko : no worries

Praxis : Word.
I be up in that amphitheatre for reals, dog.

Yuriko : ~sigh~

Praxis : With all the fly honeys.
. . .
Does this hurt you as much as it does me?

Yuriko : More

Occasionally one does feel the need to be “down” with one’s “peeps.” This need can be very overwhelming, and in some extreme cases, override grammarian programming.

I ask for your forgiveness during these periods of weakness.