Kinda Tempted

By two things, actually.

First is the God of War 2 teaser site.

Yes, I know it’s already out and I’ve beaten it already, but now I’m curious about what this is going to announce. God of War 2 is one of those few games that compelled me to play it all the way through, so I have some impetus to stay up for another five hours.

Second is the Guitar Hero downloadable content on the Xbox Live Marketplace. I love the song “Killer Queen.” I really enjoyed playing it on the first Guitar Hero. However the price is a little steep. I think the whole microtransactions thing is not my cup of tea. And it’s not micro if it’s $6.25 for three songs.  I understand that yes, a song by the original artist costs one dollar on a music store of your choice.  I understand that the song I would be purchasing is in fact, done by a cover band.  Yes, I know that they’ve done some work synchronizing that cover to guitar controller input and the new gametypes in Guitar Hero II.

Yes, I do realize that someone has to make money from this, but it would be a fine, fine thing if they could just cut the people a break that have already purchased this game.  Maybe one large download with a price break or the ability to buy songs individually.  I’m just the idea guy, I don’t know if this would make sense or not.

I’m not asking for free, but in order to get the rest of the songs into Guitar Hero II for the 360, that would be about $100 at the current rate. Which is about $550 too much, considering I’ve already purchased the game itself (well, technically, I’m still trying to purchase the game with a non broken guitar), the 360, and I’m a Live subscriber.

And drop the price of the 120GB hard drive for the 360 already.

And I want a pony.