LazerTag: Remember this!

I am a big fan of the Lazer Tag subculture.  I can’t really do an explanation of the game justice, so I’ll just defer to one of the community experts.  I’m not quite as an enthusiast as some, but still enough of a fan to purchase equipment in the hopes that one day, I’ll have a large enough area to hold a large scale game.

Whether or not I’ll actually have players is another issue altogether, but hope springs eternal in the human breast.

I love the new commercials.

It’s so awful, but exactly what I wanted from a LazerTag commercial in the first place.  None of this, “team sport of the future,” or “children playing safely in a controlled environment.”

Oh no.

This is LazerTag, BITCH.

The amount of drama in this commercial is great, and the little cinematic clichés are all there.  In no particular order, the commercial showcases a training montage featuring locations around the world, the term “best of the best,” a poorly delivered one liner, and a Sam Raimi / John Woo Evil Dead / Bullet Cam shot of an invisible infrared beam striking its target so hard that the player actually loses control of his legs.  I would also presume, his bladder.

I didn’t know badly I wanted drama in my LazerTag matches until I watched this commercial.

The best part?  It’s part one.

2 thoughts on “LazerTag: Remember this!

  1. samthegirl says:

    I had some problems watching the commercial in two different browsers…but I think I get the idea.

    It really is LaserTag, BITCH. I greatly enjoyed the international training grounds. I think the actors must have dying in between takes.

  2. samthegirl says:

    er, “must have been dying”.

    As in, “eat this, beeyotch!”

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