Old Photo

There’s a photo that my parents left with me. On the back, in faded pink ink, it says, “Kodak Mar 77.” The monotype Kodak logo is faded, but a testament to their graphic designer.

It is still their logo today.

On the front, there’s a two year old boy. His black hair is parted on the left. There’s some baby fat visible in his arms, but not much. He’s standing in between a sitting room chair and a coffee table. The chairs are dark brown, intricately carved thrones that are the same height as he is. They have blood red leather seats. From his height, and the chairs, it looks like he’s snuck into a giant’s home. He’s wearing jeans and a sleveless t-shirt with some non licensed cartoon characters on it.

I’m guessing it’s the Philippines, but to be honest I really have no idea.  ’77 marks it as when I’m one and a half to two years old.

I’d really like to know what’s going on.


2 thoughts on “Old Photo

  1. mom says:

    Show me the photo, and I will help you figure it out…the place and date, i.e.

    • mom says:

      PJ – that was taken in the Philippines .. most probably in Auntie Lucie’s or Uncle Bobot’s residence.

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