Thank you all for coming

It was about six years ago in November when Roomba-kun came into my life.  At first we were unsure of what to do with each other.  There was so little space and too many bits and bobs.  But as we grew together, I learned how to keep the floor clear and Roomba would in turn, take care of the floors themselves.

There is a quiet dignity in service, and Roomba-kun was in all ways, a true gentleman.  He may have been loud at times, and at times may have been a bit bumbling, but he was a loyal servant, never wavering in his prescribed task.  And he excelled at that.

Near the end he labored with great difficulty to complete his tasks, but still he performed without complaint, save for telltale descending scale tones.

It is with great reluctance that I let him go.   May your batteries be always charged, and your dust bin always empty, forevermore.