100% Psychic Damage

Make them work for a living, to live day to day wondering if they have enough for the mortgage, or the utilities, or the car payment, or any money at all if any one of them gets really sick. Make them work in the gig economy and live what it’s like. To live the life of entirely too many human beings in any number of countries in the world.

Somehow strip their power, their recognition that comes with their name, their ability to hurt others. Their influence.

Let them survive on their own means, to the best of their ability then, and may they end up forgotten faster than their rise.

And still, it would not be enough to compensate for the hatred they brought into the world.

// It's not the time to do nothing.  At some point you just have to wish demons a speedy trip, and would they kindly go back home, to wherever they came from.