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How I Stopped Worrying and Bought a Mattress Online

Inundated with questions from friends, I am going to chronicle my decision to purchase a mattress from Casper here.

Flashback to two months ago.

Her: “Your mattress is terrible.”
Me: “Well it is ten years old.”

This is where Past Me promptly forgets about that conversation until:

Flashback to one week ago.

Me: “Hrm. DCIst has an adverticle about a company that delivers mattresses, let me read that and then make a decision.”

So yes, there was an advertisement involved, but then again, it was space well purchased because I’m probably their exact demographic. I live in the District, I’m carless, I needed a new mattress and I wanted it to be as painless as possible.

Honestly, I waited two months for several reasons.

…purchasing a mattress is a pain in the ass.

As a person without a car, purchasing a mattress is a pain in the ass. I’d have to rent a car or ask a friend for help, who then has to empty their car to fit a mattress. That or pay for delivery fees.

Also mattress shopping is confusing. Firm or soft? Memory foam or latex? Spring? A mysterious “number” that really only indicates how much I am willing to spend on a mattress?

I went out and laid down on a few mattresses in a couple of showrooms. It felt like a waste of time to me because I have difficulty making these large dollar amount decisions based on the 45 seconds I spent on a mattress. Research really didn’t help.

Then the ad on DCIst showed up and then I started to check out what the deal was. $750 for a memory foam core mattress with a layer of latex foam on top. The frustrating research I did earlier actually helped here because by all accounts, that was a good price for a full size mattress.
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Why Everything is About Race

I was on the orange line and some young women boarded. They were loud and talking about hopefully catching their friend at Rosslyn Station. The chatter continued and when we finally arrived, the doors opened, they yelled for them and fortunately their friend was right there at the door.

“That’s a relief.” I comment. “It would have sucked if you guys missed each other.”

“Yeah, especially with the trains running every twenty minutes.” We chat for a while, talking about nothing in particular. They work downtown, like mostly everyone in the District.  Continue reading

Interview, The

So I managed to avoid most of the sensationalist media hype surrounding the movie. Honestly it just wasn’t my kind of movie, I wouldn’t have gone out to see it in the theater.

Now I find out it has made $31 million via digital distribution.

It is remarkable that Sony had to be forced “forced” by a group of hackers to go this route. This just shows that it is possible to be making money from a digitally distributed film, as opposed to traditional physical releases.

Now if they’d only try it with a movie that I wanted to watch.


No matter how many bags of clothes I donate, laundry always feels like an overwhelming and inconvenient chore.

It is work, even though the machines do most of it. All I have to do is lug dirty laundry up and down and elevator.

And yet…