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Some mornings

And some mornings, I find myself in an upscale bodega.

Seated at a bar in that upscale bodega, and midway through a butter croissant and a soy flat white.

And thinking about how good it is and how on some level, I connect more with my father than I ever did when he was alive.

Almost all of it

Short for the summer.

I used to undervalue how much better a good haircut made me feel.

I’ll reveal the location sometime.

I want to book this restroom for self portraits forever. Didn’t see the hair on my face until later, but this lighting!

Trying a bunch of new things on a Friday.

How much can you do on a phone, is a question I love trying to answer. Old me, pre web me is freaking out right now.

This is some serious cyber punk stuff here, on a device the size of an old Nestle Crunch bar, and I’m using it to post a picture of Trader Joe’s dried mango.

But these take me back to eighth grade and the first time I had candy from Mexico. I’m on the blacktop playground in my school uniform, trying to figure what this powder in these plastic bags everyone was downing. This how was introduced to Pico, and it’s spicier tio, Tico. From there I branched out and tried other candies.

Among those was the mango flavored lollipop covered in spice. My closest guess would be a vero elote mango chili pop. Could be that candymaker is no more, lost forever in a vague haze of childhood.

So these–these taste like that particular memory, if you’re into that.


Hey what’s up lots of monkeys fam, it’s ya boi FILEMON is back up to his bullshit—And that my friends, is where the joke ends.

Thank you.

In any case, here is a wonderful picture of me and my wife that I’m incredibly proud of.

Reese and Cyrus, ready to protect whatever you decided
to name your town in Animal Crossing
Photo by Yenra Photography

Reese (Pink) and Cyrus (Blue) are characters from the video game series Animal Crossing. They are a husband and wife team that run the Re-Tail store in the town. They are never armed with pink and blue weapons in the game. This is my headcanon where they are in combat for a mysteriously vague ill explained reason, but that wasn’t important—the important part was getting to look like badasses.

This was a very fun shoot, but also a little challenging for me. I’m not accustomed to being the center of anything. In fact, for most of my life I’ve always tried to be as unassuming as possible but that’s another kind of blog post.

I’m typically the person behind the camera, not the person simultaneously trying to make sure my costume is set up properly, that yes, I’m angled into the lights, while simultaneously holding a crouched position on a not quite 100% stable rock, internally screaming OH MY GOD IS THAT MOSQUITO THE SIZE OF A HALF DOLLAR, while also having this argument with myself:

Me: “Is this my good side—Do I even have a good side?”

Also Me: “Whoa whoa, wait.”

Me: “What?”

Also Me: “Stop self deprecating and experience this moment. Learn from it later—but do your best right now.”


There are other, more in character Animal Crossing pictures, but this one is my favorite because I imagine Reese and Cyrus as good partners who are there for each other, even in less than ideal situations. They trust each other, they have each other’s backs.

And they look good doing it.

An Improvement

Never thought I’d be doing this, but a little contact paper on this table has turned it from a horizontal surface for junk mail, back into a dining room table.

The application wasn’t too difficult and there were issues, but I’m at a place in my life where I realize that done is in many cases better than perfect.

I would have been mad or disappointed in myself with this application in the past because I believed everything had to be perfect.

Now I guess with wisdom and some self awareness, I’m finally able to forgive myself.

I think it looks great, can’t wait to get it applied on to the kitchen counters after our Doctor / R2 paint job.