Daily Archives: July 23, 2001

Today, I’ve started to get over the whole not knowing how to swim thing. Those of you that know me know that I possess about as much swimming ability as a cinder block, and about as hydrodynamic. Although I find that I’m much better about being underwater if I’ve got goggles and I don’t have to worry about water up my nose.

Oh, and about that picture the other day, note that I’m still missing in that picture, the GT3 force feedback wheel, a madcatz wheel for the dreamcast, a neGcon, a JogCon, an ASCII grip, multitaps, a GBA, a GBC, a NGPC, an SNES, an NES. . . and my sanity.

And. . . oh god! It’s after midnight!

For those that care, I did get my room clean (somewhat), my laundry done, and groceries bought (sixty dollars). Good night everyone.