Best … Ever

Just a few blocks down from the Clarendon Metro stop on the orange line, there’s a restaurant called Whitlow’s on Wilson.

For six dollars and ninety-five cents, you can have the Best Open Faced Turkey Sandwich ever.

It is a “healthy heaping” of Irish mashed potatoes, turkey, gravy. The plate is as wide as my chest and the meal is packed onto the plate. I never managed to put away enough turkey to see any bread, but I’m fairly sure that it was an open faced sandwich, like it says on the menu.

The mashed potatoes have more than a hint of garlic, and the gravy is just right. The turkey, while a little dry, goes down easily with the gravy, mashed potatoes, and of course, the cranberry dressing.

It’s Mini Thanksgiving.

After rereading the menu, I see here that if you manage to make it there on a Tuesday from eleven to four o’clock, the sandwich is half price.