Daily Archives: July 14, 2003

Rather embarrassing, really

I have moved into new digs at work for the next two weeks, and I’m up to my knees in various computer parts, cords, accessories, peripherals, boxes, software and detritus from my old office.

I feel like I’m lowering property values on the second floor. I would say that the only thing missing is a gutted computer up on blocks in the front yard, but I already have one out there on the floor. They have moved me to an open air cubicle which in theory, would make it less private, but I’ve made privacy screens out of secondary and tertiary computers that I’ve been working on. Thank god for kvm switches.

The upside of this is that I get to order new furniture, since my old desk was bolted to the wall, and they had to junk it to install the new flooring. The other upside is that it’s only for two weeks.

Now it’s time to play my music loud and start inviting my friends over for parties. Since IT folks are generally considered “undesirables,” I figure that the additional annoyances should get me my old office back post haste.