Daily Archives: July 18, 2003

Things to do

So, instead of sleeping, I watched Shaolin Soccer again, and played about two hours of WarCraft III: The Frozen throne. It’s strange being up that early, and not being tired the next day. I’ll probably crash sometime tonight. I could use the sleep.

The officemates have already suggested melatonin, I’ll probably pass on that and just try to tire myself out tonight.

Ah, you again

First real bout with insomnia that I’ve had in some time. Flitting in and out of consciousness–mostly out. I’m estimating about three, maybe four hours of sleep instead of my usual seven. It’s really rather disturbing.

On the other hand, the moon that I can see, is rather beautiful. And the city itself is remarkably quiet out of my family room window. The last time I can vividly remember seeing the moon this beautiful was a few years ago, and the company was nice.