Daily Archives: July 29, 2003


Passing the time on songfight today. For the uninitiated, it’s an open invitation musical tournament. From Songfight.org:

Songfight.org posts a title, people make songs for that title, the songs are posted on this page, people decide which they like best, and vote for their favorite.

Pretty straightforward.

Listening to this week’s options, I’d have to lean towards the Blind Mime Ensemble. ExplodingCat and I discussed the choices and while The Def Author was a contender at one point, he’s just too derivative of MC Frontalot.

On purely musical aesthetics, the Blind Mime Ensemble gets our vote with their “love child of Portishead and The Violent Femmes” sound.

While you’re there, visit coverfight, which was interesting. Some A lot of the songs are unpolished, but it’s good to see creative juices flowing over songs that other people have written.