Daily Archives: July 15, 2003


During lunch, we started talking about how some people send their dearly departed household pets to the taxidermist to keep them around forever. Then of course, it degraded into, “What if they started doing it to people?”

Of course, it would be awful. So we started thinking about what the best name for said business would be.

FuriousGeorge comes up with, “Rig-Amour-tis”

Heh heh. . .

Er, yeah.

Classics of modern literature

p1r4t3s r0xx0r!!!111 I’m both amused and appalled by the whole l33t sp33k phenomenon. While I have been known to spout “That is TEH SUXX0R” in jest, I have yet to actually use it in a non satirical vein. It just annoys me when someone writes something in an IM, and I have to translate it. I think I’m getting old and l4m3.

Gotta love that first line

From the post today:

More weapons of mass destruction have been located in Spring Valley over the past four years than have been found in Iraq

Granted, Spring Valley’s a stone’s throw from my employer, but I’m just plain pleased over the way that teaser line was written.

Here’s the article, “D.C. Gets Update On WWI Cleanup.” It’s also rather disturbing, once you get into the meat of the article.