Daily Archives: August 15, 2003

It's funny, because it's true

In case anybody forgot, it’s the release date for Freddy vs. Jason. I had to read the post’s review by Paul Farhi. At the end, where they normally just place info about the ratings, there’s this bit:

Freddy vs. Jason (97 minutes, in area theaters) is rated R for gore, profanity, nudity, more gore, substance abuse, sexuality, still more gore, pervasive violence and the continued general decline of Western civilization.


Take 2

So, I just got back from home, given that I had to change my clothes.

Let me start over.

First and foremost, fresh from the third circle of Dante’s hell, Pepco is back, and making my life oh-so-pleasant and fresh smelling. After receiving numerous phone calls informing me that my building was going to be affected by a “minute” power outage, I took down the servers last night and got them up and running earlier this morning.

However, by all accounts, it looks like there actually was no power outage at all. In addition, they’ve scheduled a couple more this weekend, just to keep things exciting.

Of course, the office renovations aren’t complete, so of course, I get wood varnish all over my hands because the banisters aren’t dry yet. I’m still working off of a breakroom table that I have liberated from. . . somewhere. The computers that I came in early to set up cannot be set up, because the drapes aren’t hung, and Office Movers took extra effort in placing boxes everywhere that I planned to place anything.

So when I went to get breakfast, and the orange juice exploded all over my shirt and jeans, it really wasn’t much of a surprise.

Time: 9:15

However, my boss lent me her vehicle to go home and change. So I’ve returned and the first thing I do?

Get wood finish on my hands from the still wet banister.