On Fandom

I mean, on the one hand, I really like Bruce Campbell.

On the other hand, it would be an Ash vs. Freddy vs. Jason movie.

I’m a big fan of crossovers, and apparently so are the numerous people that enjoyed the Batman: Dead End fan film. Hell, at one point in college, I fancied the idea of a Highlander / Gargoyles: The Animated Series crossover and even outlined a fanfic. I stopped after I realized that I’d be writing fanfic. Segue to:

Real Conversation
SCENE: A restaurant across the street from the anime convention. I’m seated next to IvyDraken and HazyDestiny, along with others from the convention. The restaurant is filled with people wearing con badges.

Me: So, what are you guys doing here at the convention, I don’t really recognize it as your, “scene.”
IvyDraken: Well. . .
HazyDestiny: We write fanfic!

I look at IvyDraken accusingly. She’s glaring at HazyDestiny

Me: It’s not slash*, is it?

At the mention of slash, people at other tables turn their heads. IvyDraken puts her hand on her forehead and averts her eyes.

Me: It’s not. . . Power Rangers slash, is it?!

IvyDraken covers her face with both hands and hides under the table. People at other tables are staring, their jaws agape.

Me: OH. MY. GOD.

At this point, I’m standing and pointing at IvyDraken.

HazyDestiny hands me a sheaf of paper, “Here’s chapter 5!”

IvyDraken’s voice squeaks out from under the table, “It’s only the Red and Green rangers! They’re the only ones that are good together!”

*: Slash the short definition: “fanfiction written about romantic or sexual relationships occurring between two same-gender characters, usually male. The characters used in the fiction are denoted by X/Y, where X and Y are the characters’ initials or names.”