iPhoto 09

First Impressions:

First impression is that nothing has changed from the last iteration, with the exception of a few new buttons and two new categories under Events and Photos.

Flickr export apparently only works with Pro accounts.  Way to add value to a Pro account, but not so cool for the folks that have iPhoto, but not necessarily a flikr Pro account.  Facebook connectivity I can’t comment on.

I still don’t have a Facebook account.  I’m playing a game called, “Don’t Join Facebook.”  I may lose eventually, but I’m going for the high score.

Now, onto the big hype, which is Faces.  I have a lot of photos.  A lot of photos.  I’m very interested in tagging them.  I’m very not interested in spending weeks going through each photo and tagging each one.

I love the new Faces feature.  So far, so good, and I’m getting great results for the time that I’ve put in, which is about five hours or so.  I have a full corkboard, and it’s really interesting to see people evolve over the years.  I can only guess at the results for children as they grow older, but if you keep at it, you can have one hell of a slideshow on their birthday.

Next, on to iMovie, but that’s another five hours I’ll have to spend playing with it.

Protip: Learn how to use the keyboard shortcuts for Faces.  I haven’t timed how long it takes me to process X number of photos, but I can tell you that it’s much, much faster than attempting to do it via the mouse.  Like most things.

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