Quiz time

And of course, by that, I am referring to a video quiz game, naturally. BUZZ! on the PS3, to be exact.  I picked up the game on a whim today, and it ended up being entirely too much fun in a group.  I do have fond memories of quiz games, due to my involvement in Academic League in high school.

What’s nice about the game is that although I do have some training in quick response and answering, it really only affects one of the rounds.  The other rounds even out the playing field, keeping it even and competitive for all players.

What I found while playing the game for about four hours, is that I enjoy the game not so much as a test of knowledge, but as a human behavioral observational experiment.

I enjoy playing it, but I enjoy watching other people play it as well.  There are bits of personality that become apparent in a competitive environment.  I really passed on playing a lot of times just so I could see how matches played out from round to round.

Barring that, it’s actually a really good game, and the fact that the buzzer peripherals are included in the purchase price, makes the game well worth it.

One thought on “Quiz time

  1. EBugaloo says:

    I love this game. I even downloaded a bunch of the quiz packs. I wish they incorporated more of the EyeToy into online play, at least as an option. But great game.

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