Snow Lunch

The snow fell, large flakes hypnotic in their descent as they coated the trees. It wasn’t a mere dusting, because the trees were beautiful. I had no doubt that marketing sent out photographers to get pictures for our promotional brochures.

I left my office behind me as I walked. It was too hot in the attic, and I needed to get lunch.

Never mind it was three-thirty.

I craned my neck up toward the sky and took a deep breath. I felt more awake as the cold air filled my lungs. I stood on the driveway, face to the sky, watching the flakes fall towards me.

A few larger ones fell on my forehead. The cool wetness reminded me of the enthusiastic greeting you can get from a friend’s puppy.

I closed my eyes and listened to the stillness.

Which only lasted for a few moments because my stomach growled, and man, was I hungry.